Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I feel like I am running around like a crazy person. I am so close to being done with my Christmas shopping and am getting ready to start wraping as soon as I am done posting this. Allot has been going on here at home.

Chase has desided he is alot more indepent and now really only want Dad and Mam-Maw. AARRRGGGG.... I don't know how much more crying for them I can take.

Tate is going to be starting preschool January 5th. He got to met his teacher today and is so exctied to go to school and to ride a bus.

Jocleyn is being really helpful with every thing that I need her to do. I can't belive what a great big girl is is starting to be come! Of course she is still full of drama but I don't think that is going any where any time soon. She is so excited to give gifts to all our family and is excited for what she knows that others are getting. I am so greatful that is.

Bryan has been really pretty busy with work and we have had work Christmas parties the last two weeks. It is always fun to get out for a fun work party. Hopfully we will be getting the pictures from the big one so you guys can see how pretty we looked all dressed up!

I am doing pretty good most days any more I still have times that I get hurting really bad but it hasn't been as bad as it was at first. I am so greatful that Heavenly Father has awnsered my prayers and is leting me be able to take care of all the things that I really want to for Christmas. I have cut back on what and how much I am doing and doing at one time. It has been really hard for me but I am just so greatful that I am able to do as much as I am. I am so counting my blessng!

I am so excited that Josh will be home in less than a week! The other day Jocleyn and I were talking about this broken shoe. It can't be fixed but she was sure that if we save it for Uncle Josh that he would be able to fix it when he gets here. He can fix alot of things but that shoe is not one of them. It just made me Laugh!

Hopfully I can get better about posting and updating again I jsut get so busy with life I for get too!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Under 100 days to go

I am so excited I am in the double digits now. I have less that 100 days before this wonderful baby boy-still unnamed- get here. I have never started a count down this early that I kept track of but with every thing going on this pregnancy I have been counting down the days. I am doing pretty good most day but when I am not I am really not good at all. With the Christmas coming up fast I have been over doing it allot more. I know I should take it easy but I only have so much time before Christmas gets here and I have to mail some things out. I think we are alittle over half way done. Thanks to Black Friday! I was exhausted but all in all it was a good day.

Jocelyn has been a huge help with cleaning and helping out with the boys. I guess this is a great time to teach since I can't do it all for her she is really learning to do a lot.

Tate is going to be tested for he's speech on Wen. I hope he gets excepted. He is like Jocelyn and will have to qualify strictly on his poor speech he is right on or above for every thing Else.

Chase is trying to be a big help but is to small to be much. He can say dinosaur now and all the sudden has falling in love with all dinosaurs. Which is great since we didn't know what to get him for Christmas. Mam-maw brought him back one from Florida and he has been carring it around ever since.

Bryan has had stomach flu 3 times in the last 1 1/2 the rest of us just once. But I am hoping he is finally over that. He has been a huge help and every day just keeps becoming more help.

I want to tell every one that I am grateful for all the love and support that has been shone to our family. And to give a spacial thanks to my Mother in Law for coming over and helping get caught up on laundry and all the help cleaning. It is much easier to stay on top of now.

I hope every one is doing well and having a great Holiday season so far!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For sale or trade

My mother in law came over today to help me go thought all the kids toys. I am so proud of my self I got rid of over 1/2 of their toys. I thought I would try to sell some of the better ones that I was getting rid of and before I put them up on Craig's List I thought I would see if any one here wanted to buy them or trade them for other goods such as crafts.

I am going to be posting a few more things in the next few days as well like a girl first touch leap pad with 3 books, 2 Fur Real newborn puppies, Robot boots that go over kids shoes and make noise when you walk and I have lots of stuffed animals and random toys that I am will to sell or trade for good prices just let me know on here or email me at

Noah's Ark I am only asking $5 since I don't have 2 of most of the animals.

The Fisher Price Castle I am asking $8 and I found the Queen that goes with it but after I took the picture.

The my little pony castle I am asking $20 it comes with my little pony toys as well.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Black Friday

Most of the Ads are now posted for Black Friday.... the day after Thanksgiving. YOu can see what has posted by going to my other blog Best deals on the block. If the ad doesn't come up when you click the link you can see the ad when you choose a store and then on the left hand side look for ad scan. And you can see it. No all the stores have posted yet but alot have and if there is no ad ther may be a list of what is going to be on sale! Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tater bug

I feel like I never post pictures of Tate. The other day when mom was taking pictures of Jocelyn's missing teeth she snapped a couple of the boys too. Tate loves to play with cars, trains, planes, rockets pretty much anything with a engine. Well he was playing with a plane and a few snap shoots turned out to look like a well thought out photo shoot. I don't know how she does it but she always seems to capture the kids the way they really are with a pro look to it. I LOVE this set of Tate! It is so him!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Last night while getting the kids ready for bed Jocelyn asked if her tooth was ready to come out yet. So I was wiggling her tooth and it was really loose. So she asked me to pull it she wanted the tooth fairy to come again so we tryed for about 5 minutes and I was ready to give up when she asked me to please try one more time ....

And it came out! And the tooth fairy come again and gave her another dollar. She is so excited to go to target with dad tomorrow night to get some thing out of the $1 bins. ANd to get Wallie.

She is just growing up to fast

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So happy to be alive

I woke up this morning in as much pain as I went to bed with normally it isn't quite as bad in the morning as it is at night. Any how I woke up so happy this morning I am not a morning person so anyone who has ever been around me int he morning will understand how weird that is for me. But all I could think about was how luck I was to be alive. I think the small things in live are what keep me going.

Yesterday Jocelyn clean her room with out being asked and did a really good job. I had told her the night before that I couldn't come in and tuck her in to bed and kiss her goodnight in her bed because I can't step over all the things on the floor. So she cleaned her room so I could tuck her in to bed. It really meant allot to me.

Tate has been so cuddly lately he use to be all the time but now he is only some times. But he will just climb up and sit with me at least a few times a day now. I love the the cuddles from him.

Chase has been giving kisses like crazy. They are wet and sticky and some times gross but he always knows when I am really needing a kiss. He also has been helping Jocelyn clean up. He love to clean the living room with her. He calls it WOO-WHO-ING since we always say WOO-WHO when he puts things away where they go.

My mom has been helping a ton with kids and driving and has even started cooking again to help us out she cooks 2 nights a week for me so that it isn't so much for me and Bryan to do. I can't stand up real long at one time so I am can't cook allot of things any more. I sure do appreciate all her help.

My wonderful husband has really stepped up. I didn't know that he was could handle and do so many things. I am love him to death and every time I don't think I could love him any more he does something and I fall even more in love. He now does all the dishes and laundry and is cooking at least 2 nights a week. He is so much more help with the kids and is so kind and loving with me. He is also more understanding that he has ever been before about the pain and all the things that I can't do. He is always reminding me that I have to take it easy so I don't over do it since I push my self to much. I am having a hard time not being able to shop as much. I love him and am so lucky to have such a great guy!

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life that are so supportive to me and my family. I am so happy to be alive and spend every day with my kids and watch our family learn and grow stronger together. As painful as this is I am gratefully for all the things that I have learned from having it and the love that is growing because of it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She is growing up!

Jocelyn lost her first tooth on Saturday I have just not been feeling well enough to get a picture and to post it so here it is. I actually pulled it out it was barely hanging on so be for she went to her fall festival with Mam-maw I pulled it she was so excited and for the tooth fairy to come visit her. She got a $1 for her tooth and dad took her to the dollar store to get something with it. I can't believe it. And the one next to it is going to be coming out any time now. I love toothless smiles! I know these aren't the best pictures but they are better than none! And to top it off Joseph now has his first loose tooth! They are so excited for each other!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jocelyn's 1st

Jocelyn was eating a piece of candy last night and she says "mom I found my first loose tooth" I wasn't sure that she knew what she was talking about but I told her to come and see me so I could check it out. Well guess what it is loose and very loose at that! So because it was date night we went to my mom's to drop off the kids and grandma asked which one it was I assumed she would know the one that was leaning forward... but then she goes did you know she has TWO loose teeth!!?? I didn't I had only felt the one she said was loose.... so now she has 2 loose teeth pretty soon she is going to be my tooth-less beauty! In case you care it is the two middle bottom ones.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick update

I have gone back to the chiropractor 2 more times this week and I asked to see the other Dr. since I din't care for the one that I saw Monday. He said she should not have adjusted my pubic bone. But he has been adjusing me and It has really helped. I can walk better still not good but better that the shuffle I was doing. I don't have as much pain even though it hasn't gone away it is not tolerable which is what the goal was. I am so grateful that this is helping. The Dr. said that I have to remember that I still have SPD and that I still have to do all the things that I have been told or it will get worse again so I am trying really hard to do good but it is hard and I can't do any one thing very long that even means laying down.... arrrrgggg.... but I don't cry every time I get up:) Me and Bryan have already learned allot from all of this and my Mom has been a huge help with the kids and getting me to where I need to go since I get to tired to drive if we are out very long. But for now I am doing better I hope this lasts for a while!

Monday, November 3, 2008

No more high heels

So Halloween has come and gone and the kids had a great time trick or treating. I only was able to walk about 5 houses be for I couldn't walk any more. I have been having a lot of pain right at my pubic bone one for the last week or so and it only seems to be getting worse.

I am now 22 weeks and up untill about a week ago doing really pretty good. How ever I started having this pain that is only getting worse and is making it hard to walk, stand or even sit up right for very long. I went to my OBGYN and he said that I have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. I went to a chiropractor today as well to see if they could realigned me to help. My OBGYN said that even with being adjusted that I would still most likely be in allot of pain until after I have the baby he also said that I need to only wear really supportive comfortable shoes. I then turned to Bryan and said now more high heels and the Dr looked at me like I was crazy for even thinking about high heels. There is really not much that can be done for it. I am going to be getting a belt to help keep my hips from spreading more and I am going to see the chiropractor again 2 more times this week to see if that helps and if it doesn't then I am going to give up on that. But I am hoping that I can find some thing that works because other wise it is going to be a long painful 4 months.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


This picture always makes me smile. Well I guess not always. The day it happened I was one grumpy mommy.It happened a few months ago but I recently saw the picture again and wanted to share it! The kids had been really quite. Which for every one that knows my kids is not normal. And to top it off Joseph was here too. Well I went in to check to see why so quite and Tate and Joseph were sitting with Chase who had the peanut butter jar eating it by the fist full. Both fists. When I ask them why they didn't tell me Joseph said that he didn't know hat Chase had it. I was a very grumpy mommy but still kept my cool enough to take a few pictures since I knew I would look back and laugh later.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Blog

Ok so I decided that I really just need to start a new blog for all the good deals that I find. You will find that I shop mostly at Target, Fry's and Kid stores but any time I find a good deal at any store I will share with everyone! Come check out my new blog Best deals on the Block! Pass it along to any one that might want to get good deals here in Mesa!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Finaly over

I am so grateful that yesterday is finally over! Every thing went really well. Most of the kids had their parts memorized. And most of them didn't need any or very little help. Their were a few that I know that the whole thing memorized that needed help with all the people there not to mention ALL the extra people that came. It was wonderful! I knew it would be but you still have to wonder when the practices went as badly as they did.

Jocelyn had a talk and had it memorized but still needed a few one word promptings and Joseph Had his part memorized and then had a violin solo and played it really good. He play I am a Child of God and every one was impressed. On the Friday practice the only time all the kids were actually quite was while Joseph played his song. I am so proud of both of them. Their school teacher came to see Joseph come and play his solo and while she was there realized that she knew Brent. What a small world. They use to be in the same ward. The kids were so excited she came and are making thank you cards for her.

So after the program I had to go and do sharing time. I asked to switch with one of the other ladies because last year I had to do the whole month of October for the program and then I had sharing time for November. I had the music person do a whole Sunday of primary music so I did a whole Sunday of sharing time. I was so afraid that I was not going to have enough things to do but I ran out of time for both Jr. and Sr. But the kids were all very excited to not have to sing more than a song or two.

AAAAHHHHHH now off to the next big thing. I am giving one of my best friends a Baby shower on Nov. 8th which is the same day as my kids fall festival at school. I signed up to take baked goods to be sold. And them after I make it though that I am sure I have a billion things to get done you know like Christmas.... and I asked to have Bryan's families Christmas dinner at my house so I don't have to do as much driving this year. All of my family is with in about 5 miles or so. And we try really hard to see every one on both sides on Christmas. But I will leave all the Christmas stuff for another post:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love to shop!

A store clothing is always exciting for me. I found a Myrvyn's that is going to be closed some time mid November. It is at Indian Bend and the 101. Every thing in the store is 50% off there is a few things that are 70% off but not many. The jewelry was 70% + additional 15% off. They had tons of clothes and allot of adult shoes. not many kids other that the Heelys they were $32 after the 5o% off. And they had allot to choose from. Any how I will re post when I find out when they are going to go more off. I am hoping to find some good deals in the next few weeks so I will keep every one posted:)

If you any one reads this tonight the Fry's at Mckellips and Stapley didn't get there truck today like they were suppose to and so they are writing rain checks for allot of the "case" sale. I got rain checks for four, sugar, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, cup of noodles, and evaporated milk. So if you can make it today it might be worth it:)

I should start another blog just for sales and deal:)

Monday, October 20, 2008


It is that time of year again....primary program. I have always enjoyed the primary program from my pew seat. This is my second year of being in charge of it..... nothing to make you feel way to young to have an adult calling than being in charge of a primary program. I know that I am 25 and that I am a adult but I still feel to young for this calling from time to time. I am learning tons and LOVE being in our wards Primary Presidency and LOVE the kids and women I work with! But after our first practice yesterday I am a little nervous about how it is going to go next week. I know the kids will do their very best when the time comes but after going home so frazzled yesterday I will just be glad when next Sunday is over.

I really appreciate all the teachers that come every week and for all the help they were yesterday during the craziness. I appreciate our Chorister for teaching and leading all of our music that is now small job either. I also appreciate all the parents that worked so hard with their children to have their talks ready and had their parts memorized! What a huge difference it makes when the kids were ready instead of me feeding them the lines. I know Heavenly Father always blesses the little ones and the program goes great every year.

We have one more practice on Friday and I am praying that it goes better.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Half way

So this week I am in my 20th week of this pregnancy. I am so excited I am half way done now. And since I found out when I was like 3 week pregnant if seems like forever that I have been Pregnant! I am so excited to be having another little boy! Now that he is moving all the time it helps time move faster to. I know he is all right and don't have to worry as much about him now. I know that is silly But I am a worrier :) Only 20 more weeks or less and he will be here!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First new outfit

Even though I was so sick yesterday Bryan drug me out to the store when we had to take the kids to school. So we went to Target to get diapers and while I was there I got our youngest his first new outfit. I know nothing to exciting but he wont be getting many new things since the other boys don't either most of our clothes come for Joseph. Good thing he is so easy on his clothes since they have to now make it though 3 of my boys after him. Thanks mom for the clothes I really do appreciate them!! Tate and Chase loved this one and Bryan loved that is was 75% of so it was only $2.24.
We still haven't decided on a name yet. Regardless to what Jocelyn may say even though the name Digger is starting to sound cuter the more it is said it hasn't stuck yet. A couple of the names we like are Brennen and Jett there aren't many we can even agree on. Joseph and Jocelyn are both really pushing for Digger. The story behind the name. Joseph said he knew what we should name it if it was a boy (this was weeks ago) he said that we have to chase Chase so if we named this one Digger then he would love to dig. Which in my house is a big thing all the boys love to dig in the back yard. Amazing the way a 5 year old's brain works! I keep teasing Bryan if we can't agree that that is what we are going to have to name him.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I hate being sick

So I have the worst head cold. My head is throbbing, I can't breath out my nose, my ears hurt, my throat kills, and to top it all off I have started coughing....... AAAARRRGGGG..... I HATE being sick. And what really sucks is that I can only take a few different things to help feel better and they aren't working..... I think I need a good nap! But I am just glad that none of the kids have it or at least yet. I hate having to take care of people that are sick when I am too!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moving like Crazy

Tuesday morning the baby boy was moving around in my belly like crazy so I had Jocelyn come over and I put her hand on my tummy and she got to feel the baby move. She is so cute she was so excited that she had to call Joseph and Mam-maw as soon as he stopped moving around. She felt him 3 times. Now all the kids want to feel the baby move and are always trying to touch my tummy. At least I know them and can tell them no or not right now. I hate when strangers try to touch you. Not that it has happened yet but soon enough I am sure.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's official

Chase is finally 100% weaned! Now I have a 21 week break of breast feeding. I know most people think I am crazy for nursing while being pregnant but I have with all of them. It helps with the nausea. But I have only been nursing at night for the last few months and have been cutting back on that too. And last night when he woke up he didn't even try!!!! I was so excited to have a short break. I lose my milk at 16-19 weeks so it was time. HHHMMMMM may be Bryan can get up with him now if he wakes up?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!! That will never happen Bryan sleeps like a rock!

Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a ......

Well we went in today to find out what we're having. I could hardly sleep last night because yesterday mom said what if you don't find out? I had nightmares all night of not being able to find out. I know that it wouldn't be the end of the world but I really wanted to know. Well as soon as the Dr got started he said he thought it was a girl since he didn't see any thing from the back view between the legs. Then the baby rolled over and there was HIS PENIS. We are having a BOY!!! I am so excited. It was so fun to see him moving and rolling and being all over the place the ultra sound was one of his awake times. I don't need to get hardly any thing for him. I feel pretty ready. Joseph was the most disappointed he really wanted it to be a girl and kept telling the Dr he was wrong.

SO now me and Bryan have to start the great name debate since we had a girl name picked but Bryan wouldn't even talk about it being a boy. So if you have any ideas that would fit with the other kids please feel free to share.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poor Tate

Last night me and mom planed to go out since Bryan had gone to Conference with his dad and brothers. Well I had gone home to get a shower and get ready but Tate wanted to stay at grandmas since that is where they were getting baby sat at. Him and Joseph where in the living room and mom was in her office. Well no one is really sure what happened since between a 3 year old that doesn't talk real well and a very traumatized 5 year old but what we gathered was that he fell between the coach and window and there was A LOT of blood A LOT.

Well Joseph had to call 3 times before I answered my phone since I was blow drying my hair. And all he could say was " It is a emergency" so I keep asking what was and then I heard mom yell "Tell her to come over fast Tate is hurt really bad!" SO i got the other too and we rushed over. Well I called for the baby sitter to be brought up to the kids and asked one of the neighbor girls to come over until the sitter got here and we ran to Phoenix Children's Hospital Urgent Care. I love that place it is so nice and the Dr. and nurses are great! Well they debated between glueing it and stitches and the Dr. opped for the glue. Tate was a totally trooper. He let them clean and glue it with very little almost no crying. I am sure this will not be the last time we have to take him in for some thing like this but I am glad that we haven't had to before now.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas came early at my house

I am so excited! We decided that we were getting a new bed for Christmas. However I have hardly sleep in the last few weeks. I can't get comfortable and my my hips, shoulders, knees, and back kill every morning when I get up so we decided to get a bed now. Well It came yesterday!!! We got a Sleep Number bed since me and Bryan couldn't agree on a bed. The sales lady gave us 2 new pillows and a great deal. I am so happy to finally have a new bed. I have never had a brand new mattress. The next thing is to get a new head board. We gave our old be to Bryan's sister and her husban and they were so excited to finally have a king size bed and get out of their queen size bed. I am just gald that we could help them out! And I know there are a ton of finger prints all over the mirrors but Chase loves to kiss himself. The mattress be for I added all the bedding and Pillows. And then the bed all made. See mom I do know how to make my bed:)
I just love this picture of Jocelyn. She is looking and smiling that never happens! And yes her socks don't match. But they are clean:)

Monday, September 29, 2008


I can't believe it they already have Black Friday ads up! I just wanted every one who will also be out shopping like crazy people to be able to start there shopping plans now! I am not sure where me and mom will be going yet this year I am looking for bedding and really fun things for the kids room since I am going to be completely changing their room and toy room as their big Christmas present. We are going to be getting bunk beds and repainting and new bedding and pictures and signs for their walls I am so excited. But I can't wait to go shopping. Bryan watches the kids and I get up at 1:30 with mom and go get in line usually at Kohl's so that we can be in and out in 15 minutes. But I am not sure where our first store will be this year. I can't wait bring on the insanity!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can't belive I did it!

I have been telling Bryan for over a month that the boys need a hair cut and he keeps telling me to buzz them but the last time I did Tate cried because he likes his long hair. So I didn't want the boys going to church yet another week looking so shaggy I decided that I was going to try to cut their hair knowing that if it looks bad it could be buzzed.

Joseph and Jocelyn insisted on being in the pictures. (Sorry mom that I didn't do Joey's hair.... But I didn't do Jocey's either!)


I think I did a pretty good job. Chase could have sat on the stool all day he loves to have his hair played with and done. I buzzed the sides of both boys and used scissors on the top. Tate screamed because he wanted his long hair and I kept telling him that I wasn't going to cut it as short as Chase's but once I turned on the new movie on that Grandma left for Saturdays surprise he at least kinda sat still. Tate was so happy with his hair cut after it was done and saw it after his shower.


I know these aren't great of the kids but you can see their hair cuts!

I couldn't get Tate to look at me for his pictures he was busy watching the new movie!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can't belive it

I am feeling the baby move! I have been more and more for the last week or two but I can feel our little bean moving a number of times every day. Crazy! I love these first bubble like feelings it is the kicking an jabbing I am not really looking forward to. The kids are looking forward to being able to feel the baby kick they loved that when Chase did! They are all just excited about all the baby stuff. Joseph, Jocelyn, mom and Bryan are going with me to find out what we are having a week from Monday,Oct. 6th. I can't wait to see boy or girl!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tidy is another word for clean

Well what a crazy day yesterday was. We got up pretty early and Taters peed 2 times on the toilet the first time I told him he had to go when he got up and the second time he told me he needed to go!! YEAH TATE. He also went again this morning too! YEAH! This is a picture of him telling dad that he did it again!
So back to yesterday. Bryan called and said that he got the new used transmission for the Durango and when they were moving it he spilled transmission fluid all over his shorts and I had to take him new ones only none of us were ready for the day yet. So we quickly got ready and went to get mom and Joey and then took Bryan what he needed and then went shopping for things for mom's trip. And happened to find pillows and shams that match mom's bed room set for super cheap!!!! What a find! We took the kids to school and did more shopping. We also had to take care of some thing at the MVD. Mom had Joey's parent teacher conference and me and the kids played on the play ground and the kids didn't want to leave. Then we got to play with Bryce and Abby at moms for a bit my kids were so excited to see them. We don't get to see them much lately so we are extra excited to see them! I had such a long day that after dinner I went to bed. OR tryed too. Jocelyn came marching in to tell me that she was tiding up their bedroom so that Joey could have a sleep over. She then said mom tidy is another word for clean..... she thinks I am so dumb some times but I laughed and then went to see what a good job she had done all by her self! We are really excited to have Joseph stay with us until Saturday. I don't think he as near as excited as my kids are. So by 9:30 all 3 kids were asleep and I was too.
At 1:30am Jocelyn woke me up and said she couldn't stop itching. she had 4 really big mosquito bites. She is allergic to them so they are always extra bad. But I took her down stairs and put nail polish on them and gave her some benadryl to help the the itching and put her on my floor. It wasn't until 3am that we finally got back to sleep.
I can't wait to see what today brings. I am hoping a nap since I got up a 7:30 with a tummy ache. Blasted morning sickness!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Parent Teacher Confrence

I had Jocelyn's first parent teacher conference today. I love her teacher she is so nice. She went on and on about how much she loves having her and Joey in her class and how well they are together that she doesn't have any problems with them being together. I am so glad to hear that. The only thing she didn't get a "A" or a "O" on was the handwriting but all they were being graded on this time was the way she held the pencil. Which she was doing wrong but her teacher gave me a pencil grip so she can learn to do it the right way. I thought if all she missed was the way she holds her pencil then she is doing awesome. She was also graded on know the names of 6 shapes, she had to count to 30... she can count to 109 with no problem. She had to know the the first 10 phonograms and say them. For those of you who don't know what that is it is the the sounds that each letter make. There are more that one sound for most of the letters. I had know idea that she would have to learn them already but she is picking them up really fast and can tell you what almost any word starts with any more. She also had to recognize 0-10 which she has known for a long time.

Her teacher also said that she loves to see Jocelyn get excited about things that her whole face lights up and her eye just sparkle. Any of you that have seen this know what I am talking about she also said that she loves her eye lashes. I thought it was funny. But sweet.

I was just being so proud of her and wanted to share!


We went camping with all of Bryan's family about 2 weeks ago. It was nice to be out of the heat and into cooler weather. I never really liked camping until we got our tent trailer. It is fully loaded. 2 queen beds a slide out dinette that sleeps 4 little ones. It is a twin . It has a fridge, microwave, ac, heater, oven and stove, and the best part of all is there is a bathroom. It was my requirement for getting it. I hate going out in the middle of the night or to take Jocey early in the morning.

Christy and her boyfriend Chris brought their quads and the kids had a blast! They drove the kids around the camp site. Bryan took them out on the road and they got in trouble for riding 2 to a quad. They were just lucky they didn't get a ticket.

We went to the fish hatchery and fed the fish! The kids always love that. Bryan leaned Chase over and then droped a piece of food in and said "Oh crap Chases tuggie" I freaked out since we were 45 minutes from the camp site and he need to take a nap. So he let me freak out for a minute and then told me it was food and his tuggie was in his pocket..... AAARRRGGG I was mad! But he thought he was so funny!

There was a meadow about 50 feet from a our camp site and we went and played in it in the morning and the kids and adults that played hide and seek had a blast. The person who what the seeker had a ball and the goal was to get back to base with out being hit with the ball. I didn't play but sat and held Chase and watched them play it was so funny watching the grown ups run around like kids!

Back at the camp fire we all just sat and relaxed. Tate and Chase played in the dirt and Jocelyn colored in her new coloring book. Amy and her family came up on Saturday and went to the fish hatchery with us and hung out until after dinner.

All in all it was a pretty good trip other than Bryan's youngest brother Adam got up early both days and woke me and/or my kids up so I didn't get enough sleep. 5:30 the first morning yelling and 6:00 the next morning playing with his air soft gun. Bryan went and stole his other one and went and shot him with it because he woke Chase up who sleep until after 8:30 the morning be for. Karma!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Beanie Baby"

So I made tostadas the other night for dinner. MMMM tostadas.... they happen to be one of my favorite foods right now. I make them the way my grandma did.....mmmmm...
I never give Chase more than just bean and cheese since he chokes on every thing else. Well I got all the kids their food and then while I was making a plate for me Joseph and Jocelyn started laughing like crazy so I asked what was so funny with out looking up and Joseph said "the beanie baby".... I was confused until I looked up......I totally get it now.... kids are so funny and Chase was the biggest mess from eating the beans but he was feeding him self and I got to eat in peace and quite so I can clean up the "Beanie Baby" for a quite meal. He doesn't normally make such a big mess when he eats but it made for a a good laugh!
Joseph and Jocelyn enjoy eating them as much as I do. Joseph and mom eat dinner at our house at least 2 nights a week. I cook for mom on the nights he works. Tate was being a toad and wouldn't eat dinner so there are no pictures of him from that night. May be next time! I know he likes it too. I think he just needed to go to bed.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Well allot has gone on since my last post. We found out we are pregnant and are expecting our fourth child March 5th 2009. Which makes me 16 weeks pregnant. We are going to find out what we are having as long as the baby lets us see on October 6th. I can't wait to find out if I need to go shopping or if we are good since I already have every thing for a boy but have given pretty much every thing away from Jocelyn.

Chase had his 1st birthday. June 19.

Jocelyn has started Kindergarten and is loving it. Her and Joseph are in the same class and love it and their teacher. They are making tons of friends and enjoying learning so many new things.

Tate is just now starting to want to be potty trained he for the first time in forever peed in the toilet yesterday!!!! He got up way before me this morning so he he didn't today what a bummer. Other than that he is just being his active self. He is always on the go but he is such a good little guy! He loves to play in the rain!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Finally starting a blog!

So I thought this would be a easier was to keep everyone up to date without having to type it to each and every person individually. So if you want to follow what is going on in our never a boring house you are welcome too!

Let's see what has been going on. Bryan bought a motorcycle last week to go back and forth to work on. He is so excited he hasn't owned one since we got married. It is nothing special but it will do what he wants it too.... save us on gas! Jocelyn is doing really well in school her teacher said she is a head of allot of the kids in her class and that she is really mature for her age. She defiantly dose not get that from her dad!!! Tate is keeping me busy as always. He is just enjoying life and figuring out how and why things work the way they do. But he is also being a cuddle bug I love it. How ever it is usually his Mam maw and Daddy he wants not me (which is ok too) Chase still isn't walking. I know he is only 10 3/4 month's but the boy has been walking along holding onto things since 7 months I am ready for him to quite ruining all his clothes. And for me I am trying to keep my head above water. I have decided to loss 15 pounds and have started walking 6 days a week in the mornings. And you add everything else I have to do and I seem to stay pretty busy. I am in our primary Presidency and watch Joseph 2 days a week, help mom with her photagraphy and help watch Josh's kids , and have to do all my mommy stuff I just seem to be super busy all the time. But I am lovong it. But to busy than boring right! Any how it is time to go walking!