Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another crapy week

So most people didn't know but I was pregnant again. We were so excited. I didn't tell hardly anyone until we saw the heart beat at 6 week, and we keep it pretty quite I was waiting to see the heart beat again at 10 weeks before telling every one. I was having pain from a ovarian cyst and I call to make an appointment at 9 weeks, on Monday, no biggie I was just wanting to make sure the cyst wasn't getting bigger because I was having allot of pain right there and only there. Well when they did the ultra sound there was no longer a heart beat. I was shocked and devastated. The baby's heart stopped a week after we saw it. I had a D&C yesterday and am having allot of cramping form the D&C. I am so tired and I am so sad but I know Heavenly Father has a plan and at least I know that my baby is waiting for me in heaven. 

The day we found out right after my ac in my car went out again, and then my sunglasses broke what a bad day. But as Bryan said at least it wasn't my birthday.