Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black friday 2009 ads. My trip!

Ok so I have posted about the first of the Black Friday ads of 2009 on my other blog.

I had a blast at on my trip back east. It was so great to see Josh and Mande and their families. I just wish Ashly could have come up too. To bad they didn't have a big enough car:( But I had a blast. We stayed up late talking and laughing. We went to the coolest kids museum I have ever seen. we were there for 4+ hours and didn't do every thing it was amazing! We took pictures... go figure... hopefully I can get some posted soon. We went shopping, to the friendliest ward ever, and just hung out and had so much fun. Thanks Mande for having us! Kooper was a Super Trooper on the way there but not so much on the way home. He ended up with a nasty rash on his face on the plane ride home. I am not sure what was causing it up he had his face on every thing.....uuggg..... I go in and see the allergy specialist again on Monday hopefully the results are in. Well I will post more soon!