Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black friday 2009 ads. My trip!

Ok so I have posted about the first of the Black Friday ads of 2009 on my other blog.

I had a blast at on my trip back east. It was so great to see Josh and Mande and their families. I just wish Ashly could have come up too. To bad they didn't have a big enough car:( But I had a blast. We stayed up late talking and laughing. We went to the coolest kids museum I have ever seen. we were there for 4+ hours and didn't do every thing it was amazing! We took pictures... go figure... hopefully I can get some posted soon. We went shopping, to the friendliest ward ever, and just hung out and had so much fun. Thanks Mande for having us! Kooper was a Super Trooper on the way there but not so much on the way home. He ended up with a nasty rash on his face on the plane ride home. I am not sure what was causing it up he had his face on every thing.....uuggg..... I go in and see the allergy specialist again on Monday hopefully the results are in. Well I will post more soon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yard Sale

Ok so I know I haven't posted in a LONG time but nothing to exciting going on and life is kinda crazy just doing the every day things.

My mom and I are going to be having a yard sale on Friday and Saturday September 11 and 12. We will start at 7 am and stay out until 11 ish or until we are to hot and tired to sit out there longer. We have lots of good stuff. 3 desks, some patio chairs, a mini fridge, some clothes, lots of toys cars of every kind, Cinderella kitchen, a princess vanity, a princess castle, barbies, little people sets, dolls and accessories, stuffed animals, preschool toys and wooden learning toys, puzzles, kids games, rocking hores, stick horse, shoes... kids and big people.... a 27 inch tv and converter box, coffee table, and tons of other random stuff.... come check it out and get some things for Christmas!

Monday, July 20, 2009

School Shopping

I have started school shopping already. Heck I am half way done! I got a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase at Kohl's and got 4 tee shirts for Jocelyn and one nice polo style shirt for Tate. Totally cost after the coupon $9.54! We went to a Walmart in Chandler and they had girls jeans for $7 a pair and they are really cute! Children's place had a bunch a great sales. But where I have found the best deal so far was at Az Mills Mall. I got Jocelyn and Tate each a pair of vans total cost for both pairs $16.64! That's right 2 pairs of Van's for under $20! Mom got Joseph 2 pairs and they were $30 still not bad at all. They had a HUGE selection on clearance and they are buy one get one 1/2 price. Allot of the major shoe stores are doing buy one get one 1/2 price so be for just going to Target or Walmart to get shoes check out some of the other stores too. I have found great deals on clearance items all over the place. The earlier you shop the better deals you are going to be able to find. Happy Shopping! and let me know if you find a great deal I am still looking for pants for Tate and back packs!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Chase!

I can't believe he is 2! He is so much fun and keeps me on my toes. When I went to get the ultra sound to find out if he was going to be a boy or girl we asked Tate what he wanted and he said a car and that is what we got Chase Aiden Rookhuyzen!

This is his first bath and his first time playing with a tire but definitely not his last. In fact he has a Nascar tire in his room.... silly dad thought they would love it and guess what they do!

He loves his Uncle Joseph so much and always has! I can't believe how much Chase and Kooper look alike!

Chase loves to eat cake and yes he always makes this much of a mess when he does!

Jocelyn loves to show him all kinds of new things like snails and ways to get in to trouble.

He needs no help at all to find the peanut butter jar no matter where I find it he can find it ANY where. His skin stays so soft with all the peanut butter he gets into. Some times he takes the time to get a spoon but his hands work just fine too!

He loves to be a big brother and is always trying to help and take care of Kooper.

I am so glad to have his sweet, kind, loving, outrageous spirit in our home!

Oh and my favorite thing he is doing right now is telling every one the dinosaurs are going to eat them.... it cracks me up!

Happy Birthday baby dinosaur!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smiles and bubbles

Are some of the things Kooper is best at. Blowing spit bubbles and having a contagious smile! He is such a sweet heart! He is so happy and is doing great gaining weight now that I am on this diet. He went from the 3% to 25% on his weight in just 2 months. The Dr said that my milk was being so good for him and that I was doing such a good job to go off all animal products because he is doing so good now. I teared up to hear some one tell me that I was doing good that I wasn't a crazy mom that was making some thing out of nothing. I have felt like people have been critical of me and think I am crazy so it was nice to know that I am doing what I knew I needed to be doing. YEAH! Kooper gets to be tested for food allergies some time between 6-9 months. Ok now to the not so hot news. Kooepr has to go and see a eye Dr. Which we figured but when we put him on our insurance we didn't give him eye coverage.... who would have thought he would need it my other kids didn't. SO we are trying to get it added and if we can't we are going to have to just pay for it which only really suck because we are paying for insurance. But such is life:)

I had been asking my mom to take some quick pictures of Kooper she hasn't done any of him since Easter and I was really wanting some new ones. Well I had to take Jocelyn and Joseph to a swimming birthday party and Mom keep my boys for me. It was so nice to talk to other moms with no one pulling on me or having to hold any one. Thank you mom.... But while I was gone she decided to surprise me and do a shoot with Kooper for me. I have the BEST mom in the world! I was so excited to have new pictures and I love them they are so him!!!!

He is such a happy boy he loves to be tickled and played with and sang too... even my singing. He gave up his pacifier about a month ago and since he found his fingers can't get enough! I think it is so much cuter than a pacifier any ways!

This is what he does when he sees you. He has a hard time finding you but when he does his whole body lights up! I love it and I hope that the eye dr. will know what to do for him.
Any one that has seen him knows he always has tons of bubbles. My mom got TONS of great bubble pics I just picked a few pictures to show every one how big our little guy has gotten!

Thank you every one for all your love, support, prayers and for just being the listening ear and shoulder to cry on though all these rough times!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alot of nothin' goin' on

Ok so we have had a lot and nothing going on lately. Lets start with Kooper. He is growing like a weed. He is getting so big and really packing on the pounds. He seems to be having trouble focusing on you when you talk to him unless you are at about arms leght. I am going to the Dr next Friday and going to talk to him about it. But he is doing really well on the new diet. I am doing better I am finding things I can eat and trying things I thought I would never try... tofu.... still not a fan but it is ok. Kooper is also trying to sit up and is laughing all the time. What a blessing he is!

We went to my Aunt Lala's high school graduation party the other day and Jocelyn got all these fun pictures with Aunt Lala's camera.

Chase was a mess. he peeped out so he was in a diaper and shirt for most of it...uggg. He has so much fun. When I told him we are going to Grandpa's and Grandma Bethsy's he said Bethsy and Wawa? I thought it was so cute.

The kids all think their cousin Alana is a jungle gym and she always gets a really good work out when they are around.
Tate is now 100% potty trained...YEAH!!!! He has pink eye right now and trying to keep him away from Kooper is like trying to keep Chase out of the peanut butter... it is just not going to happen. Tate is a very good helper but some times loves Kooper to much. So when I told Tate he had pink eye he told me "no mom my eyes are blue and green" He is so cute.

Jocelyn and her Paapa. AAAHHHH. I love this picture of them! Jocleyn has had a rough week. School got out and now she is stuck with me every day poor Jocey. She had a infected cavity last Friday and it got so bad I had to find a dentist to take her to on Saturday and she got on some antibiotics and now is feeling much better but will go she a kid dentist on Monday.

Bryan went to Torrey Pines is San Diego for his birthday with our brother in law David. They had a great time. Bryan is just working like crazy and now with the heat he is working even later than before. But if you need wheels or tires go see him he will give you the friend/family discount!
I am working really hard at eating all the right things for Kooper and it is hard and emotionally draining but I am figuring it all out and even found a good vegan restaurant and the best part is they have soy ice cream and chocolate chip cookies! I have lost another pant size and a few more pounds. I just need to finish toning up my tummy and I will be able to go down one more size and be in a size 8!!! I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Movies

I am excited for Harkins Summer Movies. It is such a great deal. You get to go see 10 kids movies for $7 per child. Here is the like to see what movies are going to be each week!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proud Wife

So as most of you know Bryan has been at Discount Tire for along time... 10 years last month... well he was made February's employee of the month for the whole state of Arizona. I am so proud of him. He is such a hard worker and puts in a ton of hours and loves what he does. I know you are wondering why and I just now telling you now? We found out last week. Way to go Bryan I love you!

Happy 30th Birthday tomorrow Mr. February!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Deal on the Block

I am going to be posting more deals on the blog so start watching it I am trying really hard to keep it updated with great deals and money saving ideas! So check it out and let me know if you have any good deals or ideas to save money!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good deal

I was at the Kirkland store the other day buying mother's day presents and the girl asked if I wanted to sign up for there e-mailing list. It was so easy I did it in store but here is the link online. They send you lots of coupons and the first on is 20% off a single item. I am so excited to go shopping and get the framed saying I was wanting for my living room!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok so I got the call we had been waiting for. Kooper doesn't have the glutaric acidemia. YEAH!!!! He how ever still can not tolerate any meat or dairy at all. I don't know why but the Dr said that he is to young to do a food allergy test on and that we could put him on a costly formula if I didn't want to be on the diet. Well I have decided that I would eat the diet he needs. He is worth it to me. I am eating a pretty vegan diet right now so if any one has ideas for recipes I am open to try just about any thing. Thank you for all your love, support and prays.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Still no new news

However Chase has found a new fun thing to do. Pull things out of the freezer and put them in the microwave to cook for 30 seconds at a time. He has figured out that if he pushes the start button that he can cook things just like the other kids. He cooks corn dogs, chicken nuggets, Popsicle, meatballs, things not found in the freezer that he cooks are baby socks, burp clothes, toy lizards and Bryan caught him trying to put a metal magnet in the microwave yesterday.....uuugggg.... but he is sure trying to take care of him

Still no word on Kooper I have put 2 call in today and the Dr is with patients and hasn't called me back. I should get one at the end of the day when he can't place a second call into the geneticist. I don't want to have to make a appointment and pay $20 to talk to a Dr and find out what is going on.

I just keep trying to hold my head up high and take things one day at a time but it is hard when Kooper don't feel well and crys allot like he is in pain. I just don't know what to do.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I hate waiting

So I haven't been posting hoping that Koopers blood test would come back completely normal and I could move on with my crazy life. But now the test came back slightly higher than the "normal" and that was still a cause for concern and we are now waiting for the geneticist to give a call back to the Dr and let us know if it is OK or if it something that we have to do more testing for.

Let me start at the beginning... it is a very good place to I realise most of you reading this have no idea what I am talking about since we have been pretty hush hush about the whole thing since Bryan won't talk about any of it until the last test came back and it took a few a day or two after that. When Kooper was 6 days old we received a call from the Dr saying we HAD to go straight to Sonora quest to have Koopers 2nd PKU and a urine test that the first one came back showing elevated levels on the organic acids.... I totally freaked... so about 10 days later the blood results came back all normal. I was still concerned because the urine test still hadn't come back but decided that if the blood was normal the urine would be too. WRONG it came back high with the organic acid stuff too, and in that is a number of very rare genetic protein enzyme deficiency ... uugggg.... so I took him down to have more blood test this time they had to draw it from his arm. I did ok the first time they tried to get it but I cried with him all the way though the second time that he was stuck. The blood results came back on Tuesday and not the way we hoped. The Dr went in to how the test came back "ESSENTIALLY NORMAL" and then proceeded to tell me how this levels were "slightly" elevated and that a call would have to be placed in to the county geneticist because of the "slight" elevations.....eeeerrrrgggg.... they were most concerned about the levels for glutaric acidemia which in a nut shell is when the body can't break down protein and the acids can build up on the brain and cause the brain to bleed which then causes high fevers, vomiting and can even cause sesurs. We are still praying that isn't the case but just don't know.

He has not been able to handle dairy or meat. He spits up after I eat any dairy or meat and cries a lot if I do. I have gone almost completely off of it but I am finding there is milk and eggs in EVERY thing. So even if the test come back that the levels are OK then we have to figure out why he can't do meats and dairy's....uuugggg....

So because I have been going though all this Bryan decide that I could get my hair cut any way I wanted even short... he hates short hair.... but I love it! So here is my new cut! And another happy note Tate is FINALLY potty trained!!!! 3 days now yeah Heavenly Father always gives us as big of blessings as he does trials... what a blessing or what a trial!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter, Blessing and 2 Birthdays

Sunday April 12 2009 was very busy day. It was Easter, we blessed Kooper and it was My Mom's and David's (Amy's Husbands) birthday. It was a great day but a I was exhausted by the end of it. I got up at 7 to take my shower be for the kids could see what the Easter bunny had brought they were so excited for the little candy they got a bunny and 2 suckers and they each got a coloring book and a $5 Target gift card. It is our family tradition that started last. Hardly any candy and then Monday we go and they get to buy what ever candy or toy they want for $5. They love it!

We all got ready for church and were there almost 30 minutes early even. The blessing was beautiful and we had lots of family and friends there. Even some from out of town. I had to do sharing time for primary and I was happy it went as well as it did.
Thank you mom for making such a beautiful blanket for Kooper!

I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people who love and support us. And thanks to Janie we even got some pictures with mom in them... yeah! Thanks Janie!

I have this pose with Bryan and each of our kids on their blessing day.

Our Family. Tate didn't want his picture taken he was hiding behind a chair so Bryan picked him up and then he wouldn't look at the camera so Bryan told him that Bumblebee... the transformer... was eating grandpa so he had to look and see. At least he looked.

After church we went straight over to my mom's to take pictures of Kooper his outfit barely fit so I didn't want to wait and not get them and I know that is what would have happened because I would have put it off so my mom told me to just come over while he still had it on. What a smart mom I have. I bought his outfit back on New years day they had them for a killer price at the Dillard's New Years Day sale. It ended up being like $7!

While we were at mom's she took a few of the kids in their Easter clothes too. Not a great picture but we will at least be able to look back and see what they wore and how they really are.... right!
Jocelyn loves getting kisses from Joseph.
After I left my moms I went home and started making dinner and my mom's Birthday cake. She requested german chocolate with home made pecan frosting. So I cooked from about 1 until 4 will a few breaks and Ben and Keri came over while I was cooking and played with the kids and Bryan it was nice no one under my feet. For those of you who are not lucky enough to know Ben is Bryan's best friend from Utah and they came down for the blessing. I am not sure who misses Ben more Bryan or Jocelyn? They got Jocelyn a dress for her birthday she wore it from when they gave it to her on Sunday until Tuesday right be for school when we gave her a new outfit.
When I got dinner done we took it over to my moms and we all ate and hung out and even skype Zach and Manda and we finally went home about 7:30 or 8pm it was a good day but a very long one.
As a side note Kooper had his 2 month Dr. visit on Monday he now weighs 10pounds 14 oz. and is 21 3/4 inches long and is doing great! He is smiling more and more every day and has started cooing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Jocelyn!

Let me start by saying these are allot of my favorite pictures of Jocelyn! I don't have any from when she was a baby because I didn't have a computer until a little over a year ago and I didn't get them from every one ahead of time so if any one has any from when she was a baby and would like to share them please email them to me!

I can't believe my princesses is already 6 years old it seems like I was just pregnant with her. She has grown up so much and is such a wonderful sweet spirit and we are so grateful to have her in our home! I can't image not having her around. She is so helpful and always keeps me laughing with all the silly things she says and does!
Mom took some pictures for fathers day so I dressed her up in her daddy's church clothes she loved it!

For such a little diva princess she always had such a messy face.... and still does! She loves to dress up and go dig in the dirt..... all girl and all tom boy at the same time!

She will always be my fairy princess. Aunt Mande got her the leotard for her Halloween costume. She finally out grew it after wearing it for 3 years!

Messy face and crazy hair some things NEVER change!

Her is her Easter dress at the age of 3 I think.

She has loved Tinkerbell for a while now and we both LOVED this swim suit and were so sad that it no longer fits but now her cousin Emma gets to enjoy it hopefully as much as she did! I love to paint her nails it makes her feel extra girly!

Joseph HATES kisses but I think this was be for he was big enough to tell her no and us not make her stop. She love Joseph so much and is so lucky to have such a great best friend!

This is Jocelyn all ready for her first day of school. She was 3 when she started preschool for her speech and she graduated from speech about a month ago.....YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! We can understand every thing she says now.... unless she is crying!

She has decided she wants to be a model but with pictures like these who wouldn't want to be!

Happy Birthday Jocelyn I am so glad Heavenly Father sent you to me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This year is getting away from me

It seems like it was just New year's Day. The Super Bowl wasn't long ago either. Heck I just had a baby ... he is now 2 months and 6 days old. Where is this year going? I feel like for the first time since be for Halloween that I have started to get a real handle on my house. I have been doing laundry like a crazy lady and I have even been doing dishes. Having all the problems with Koopers pregnancy has made me so grateful that I can clean my own house. I really appreciated all the help but it nice to to it myself.

Jocelyn is so excited to be turning 6 on Tuesday. I can't believe she is going to be 6! She only asked us for a few things for her birthday a movie and clothes and shoes. She was very clear on what kind of clothes as well skirts and LONG plaid shorts. I am glad to see that she cares about modesty.We are going to Amazing Jakes with the family and celebrating all the March and April birthdays. There are quite a few. She was watching Disney's Dinosaurs with Chase last week and after the movie was all over she told me, "I know how the dinosaurs all died they ate each other." She always makes me smile!

Tate had a great Transformer birthday party and was so excited that his friends all came to see him. Every day when I take Tate off the bus I ask how his day was and he always says, "GREAT" I am so happy he is loving school. He like to also be a help with Kooper.... however his help is not so helpful. He likes to try to pick him up and push his swing while it is going so it can go faster....aaarrggg..... But he does love Kooper. His new thing is to tell me that he can't throw away poopy diapers because they make him cough** fake cough** fake cough.

OH BOY where do I start this this monster.... I mean cute darling MONSTER!!!! He has hit teribles two already. He thinks I don't feed Kooper and that he needs "TREATS" He has feed him no bake cookies, Doritos's, tortilla chips, and sprinkles but when the sprinkles didn't stay in his mouth he stuck one up his nose. AARRRGGG. Good thing Heavenly Father send Kooper so tough. Chase has a really cute new thing he does he tells Knock Knock jokes it is so cute. Next time you see him ask him to tell you a Knock Knock joke.

Kooper is growing like a weed. He is just about to out grow his newborn clothes. He is smiling alot more now and is getting excited when Bryan is playing with the kids or for certain people. It is super cute. He is sleeping better at night he only gets up once if at all. I wish I could say the same for Chase but he is having a hard time sleeping in a big boy bed. Kooper is such a joy and as long as he is not cold or gassy he is so happy!

I feel so lucky to have the such great kids and a wonderful husband.

Just so every one know we are blessing Kooper his Sunday at 9am hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Tate!!!

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of Tate for his birthday! He has always given me a run for my money and keeps me on my toes never a dull moment with him around! And I wouldn't change andy thing about him. He was about a month old I think in this one.
I have always loved this one of me and him. We were in Californa for a wedding and this was at the dinner the night be for the wedding. He was about 3 or 4 months old.

His was at a year.

I love the tear. He was eating this cake and mammaw was taking pictures and he didn't want us to take pictures he was afraid we were going to take his cake. He was sad that I made him face the camera.

Our Tater with his Darth Tater.

Tate with this cousins Bryce and Braden. They were born within 4 moths of each other.

THis is Tate at 2 yrs. he was at the zoo.

Here is Tate at 3 at Halloween

Happy Birthday Cupcake as his daddy calls him!