Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Jocelyn!

Let me start by saying these are allot of my favorite pictures of Jocelyn! I don't have any from when she was a baby because I didn't have a computer until a little over a year ago and I didn't get them from every one ahead of time so if any one has any from when she was a baby and would like to share them please email them to me!

I can't believe my princesses is already 6 years old it seems like I was just pregnant with her. She has grown up so much and is such a wonderful sweet spirit and we are so grateful to have her in our home! I can't image not having her around. She is so helpful and always keeps me laughing with all the silly things she says and does!
Mom took some pictures for fathers day so I dressed her up in her daddy's church clothes she loved it!

For such a little diva princess she always had such a messy face.... and still does! She loves to dress up and go dig in the dirt..... all girl and all tom boy at the same time!

She will always be my fairy princess. Aunt Mande got her the leotard for her Halloween costume. She finally out grew it after wearing it for 3 years!

Messy face and crazy hair some things NEVER change!

Her is her Easter dress at the age of 3 I think.

She has loved Tinkerbell for a while now and we both LOVED this swim suit and were so sad that it no longer fits but now her cousin Emma gets to enjoy it hopefully as much as she did! I love to paint her nails it makes her feel extra girly!

Joseph HATES kisses but I think this was be for he was big enough to tell her no and us not make her stop. She love Joseph so much and is so lucky to have such a great best friend!

This is Jocelyn all ready for her first day of school. She was 3 when she started preschool for her speech and she graduated from speech about a month ago.....YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! We can understand every thing she says now.... unless she is crying it..lol!

She has decided she wants to be a model but with pictures like these who wouldn't want to be!

Happy Birthday Jocelyn I am so glad Heavenly Father sent you to me!

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Amy said...

Holy Cow she is so photogenic! We had a great time last night.