Monday, September 29, 2008


I can't believe it they already have Black Friday ads up! I just wanted every one who will also be out shopping like crazy people to be able to start there shopping plans now! I am not sure where me and mom will be going yet this year I am looking for bedding and really fun things for the kids room since I am going to be completely changing their room and toy room as their big Christmas present. We are going to be getting bunk beds and repainting and new bedding and pictures and signs for their walls I am so excited. But I can't wait to go shopping. Bryan watches the kids and I get up at 1:30 with mom and go get in line usually at Kohl's so that we can be in and out in 15 minutes. But I am not sure where our first store will be this year. I can't wait bring on the insanity!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can't belive I did it!

I have been telling Bryan for over a month that the boys need a hair cut and he keeps telling me to buzz them but the last time I did Tate cried because he likes his long hair. So I didn't want the boys going to church yet another week looking so shaggy I decided that I was going to try to cut their hair knowing that if it looks bad it could be buzzed.

Joseph and Jocelyn insisted on being in the pictures. (Sorry mom that I didn't do Joey's hair.... But I didn't do Jocey's either!)


I think I did a pretty good job. Chase could have sat on the stool all day he loves to have his hair played with and done. I buzzed the sides of both boys and used scissors on the top. Tate screamed because he wanted his long hair and I kept telling him that I wasn't going to cut it as short as Chase's but once I turned on the new movie on that Grandma left for Saturdays surprise he at least kinda sat still. Tate was so happy with his hair cut after it was done and saw it after his shower.


I know these aren't great of the kids but you can see their hair cuts!

I couldn't get Tate to look at me for his pictures he was busy watching the new movie!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can't belive it

I am feeling the baby move! I have been more and more for the last week or two but I can feel our little bean moving a number of times every day. Crazy! I love these first bubble like feelings it is the kicking an jabbing I am not really looking forward to. The kids are looking forward to being able to feel the baby kick they loved that when Chase did! They are all just excited about all the baby stuff. Joseph, Jocelyn, mom and Bryan are going with me to find out what we are having a week from Monday,Oct. 6th. I can't wait to see boy or girl!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tidy is another word for clean

Well what a crazy day yesterday was. We got up pretty early and Taters peed 2 times on the toilet the first time I told him he had to go when he got up and the second time he told me he needed to go!! YEAH TATE. He also went again this morning too! YEAH! This is a picture of him telling dad that he did it again!
So back to yesterday. Bryan called and said that he got the new used transmission for the Durango and when they were moving it he spilled transmission fluid all over his shorts and I had to take him new ones only none of us were ready for the day yet. So we quickly got ready and went to get mom and Joey and then took Bryan what he needed and then went shopping for things for mom's trip. And happened to find pillows and shams that match mom's bed room set for super cheap!!!! What a find! We took the kids to school and did more shopping. We also had to take care of some thing at the MVD. Mom had Joey's parent teacher conference and me and the kids played on the play ground and the kids didn't want to leave. Then we got to play with Bryce and Abby at moms for a bit my kids were so excited to see them. We don't get to see them much lately so we are extra excited to see them! I had such a long day that after dinner I went to bed. OR tryed too. Jocelyn came marching in to tell me that she was tiding up their bedroom so that Joey could have a sleep over. She then said mom tidy is another word for clean..... she thinks I am so dumb some times but I laughed and then went to see what a good job she had done all by her self! We are really excited to have Joseph stay with us until Saturday. I don't think he as near as excited as my kids are. So by 9:30 all 3 kids were asleep and I was too.
At 1:30am Jocelyn woke me up and said she couldn't stop itching. she had 4 really big mosquito bites. She is allergic to them so they are always extra bad. But I took her down stairs and put nail polish on them and gave her some benadryl to help the the itching and put her on my floor. It wasn't until 3am that we finally got back to sleep.
I can't wait to see what today brings. I am hoping a nap since I got up a 7:30 with a tummy ache. Blasted morning sickness!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Parent Teacher Confrence

I had Jocelyn's first parent teacher conference today. I love her teacher she is so nice. She went on and on about how much she loves having her and Joey in her class and how well they are together that she doesn't have any problems with them being together. I am so glad to hear that. The only thing she didn't get a "A" or a "O" on was the handwriting but all they were being graded on this time was the way she held the pencil. Which she was doing wrong but her teacher gave me a pencil grip so she can learn to do it the right way. I thought if all she missed was the way she holds her pencil then she is doing awesome. She was also graded on know the names of 6 shapes, she had to count to 30... she can count to 109 with no problem. She had to know the the first 10 phonograms and say them. For those of you who don't know what that is it is the the sounds that each letter make. There are more that one sound for most of the letters. I had know idea that she would have to learn them already but she is picking them up really fast and can tell you what almost any word starts with any more. She also had to recognize 0-10 which she has known for a long time.

Her teacher also said that she loves to see Jocelyn get excited about things that her whole face lights up and her eye just sparkle. Any of you that have seen this know what I am talking about she also said that she loves her eye lashes. I thought it was funny. But sweet.

I was just being so proud of her and wanted to share!


We went camping with all of Bryan's family about 2 weeks ago. It was nice to be out of the heat and into cooler weather. I never really liked camping until we got our tent trailer. It is fully loaded. 2 queen beds a slide out dinette that sleeps 4 little ones. It is a twin . It has a fridge, microwave, ac, heater, oven and stove, and the best part of all is there is a bathroom. It was my requirement for getting it. I hate going out in the middle of the night or to take Jocey early in the morning.

Christy and her boyfriend Chris brought their quads and the kids had a blast! They drove the kids around the camp site. Bryan took them out on the road and they got in trouble for riding 2 to a quad. They were just lucky they didn't get a ticket.

We went to the fish hatchery and fed the fish! The kids always love that. Bryan leaned Chase over and then droped a piece of food in and said "Oh crap Chases tuggie" I freaked out since we were 45 minutes from the camp site and he need to take a nap. So he let me freak out for a minute and then told me it was food and his tuggie was in his pocket..... AAARRRGGG I was mad! But he thought he was so funny!

There was a meadow about 50 feet from a our camp site and we went and played in it in the morning and the kids and adults that played hide and seek had a blast. The person who what the seeker had a ball and the goal was to get back to base with out being hit with the ball. I didn't play but sat and held Chase and watched them play it was so funny watching the grown ups run around like kids!

Back at the camp fire we all just sat and relaxed. Tate and Chase played in the dirt and Jocelyn colored in her new coloring book. Amy and her family came up on Saturday and went to the fish hatchery with us and hung out until after dinner.

All in all it was a pretty good trip other than Bryan's youngest brother Adam got up early both days and woke me and/or my kids up so I didn't get enough sleep. 5:30 the first morning yelling and 6:00 the next morning playing with his air soft gun. Bryan went and stole his other one and went and shot him with it because he woke Chase up who sleep until after 8:30 the morning be for. Karma!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Beanie Baby"

So I made tostadas the other night for dinner. MMMM tostadas.... they happen to be one of my favorite foods right now. I make them the way my grandma did.....mmmmm...
I never give Chase more than just bean and cheese since he chokes on every thing else. Well I got all the kids their food and then while I was making a plate for me Joseph and Jocelyn started laughing like crazy so I asked what was so funny with out looking up and Joseph said "the beanie baby".... I was confused until I looked up......I totally get it now.... kids are so funny and Chase was the biggest mess from eating the beans but he was feeding him self and I got to eat in peace and quite so I can clean up the "Beanie Baby" for a quite meal. He doesn't normally make such a big mess when he eats but it made for a a good laugh!
Joseph and Jocelyn enjoy eating them as much as I do. Joseph and mom eat dinner at our house at least 2 nights a week. I cook for mom on the nights he works. Tate was being a toad and wouldn't eat dinner so there are no pictures of him from that night. May be next time! I know he likes it too. I think he just needed to go to bed.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Well allot has gone on since my last post. We found out we are pregnant and are expecting our fourth child March 5th 2009. Which makes me 16 weeks pregnant. We are going to find out what we are having as long as the baby lets us see on October 6th. I can't wait to find out if I need to go shopping or if we are good since I already have every thing for a boy but have given pretty much every thing away from Jocelyn.

Chase had his 1st birthday. June 19.

Jocelyn has started Kindergarten and is loving it. Her and Joseph are in the same class and love it and their teacher. They are making tons of friends and enjoying learning so many new things.

Tate is just now starting to want to be potty trained he for the first time in forever peed in the toilet yesterday!!!! He got up way before me this morning so he he didn't today what a bummer. Other than that he is just being his active self. He is always on the go but he is such a good little guy! He loves to play in the rain!