Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tidy is another word for clean

Well what a crazy day yesterday was. We got up pretty early and Taters peed 2 times on the toilet the first time I told him he had to go when he got up and the second time he told me he needed to go!! YEAH TATE. He also went again this morning too! YEAH! This is a picture of him telling dad that he did it again!
So back to yesterday. Bryan called and said that he got the new used transmission for the Durango and when they were moving it he spilled transmission fluid all over his shorts and I had to take him new ones only none of us were ready for the day yet. So we quickly got ready and went to get mom and Joey and then took Bryan what he needed and then went shopping for things for mom's trip. And happened to find pillows and shams that match mom's bed room set for super cheap!!!! What a find! We took the kids to school and did more shopping. We also had to take care of some thing at the MVD. Mom had Joey's parent teacher conference and me and the kids played on the play ground and the kids didn't want to leave. Then we got to play with Bryce and Abby at moms for a bit my kids were so excited to see them. We don't get to see them much lately so we are extra excited to see them! I had such a long day that after dinner I went to bed. OR tryed too. Jocelyn came marching in to tell me that she was tiding up their bedroom so that Joey could have a sleep over. She then said mom tidy is another word for clean..... she thinks I am so dumb some times but I laughed and then went to see what a good job she had done all by her self! We are really excited to have Joseph stay with us until Saturday. I don't think he as near as excited as my kids are. So by 9:30 all 3 kids were asleep and I was too.
At 1:30am Jocelyn woke me up and said she couldn't stop itching. she had 4 really big mosquito bites. She is allergic to them so they are always extra bad. But I took her down stairs and put nail polish on them and gave her some benadryl to help the the itching and put her on my floor. It wasn't until 3am that we finally got back to sleep.
I can't wait to see what today brings. I am hoping a nap since I got up a 7:30 with a tummy ache. Blasted morning sickness!


Lorie said...

Oh my! Poor thing! Those are some nasty mosquito bites!!

the ridgeways said...

wow! what a day!!! i love the purple nail polish! lol!! and yay for tate!!!!!!!! i'm so proud of him! that's super exciting!!! did the bug bomb work for you?

Ashley said...

What does nail polish do? just curious!!!