Saturday, September 27, 2008

I can't belive I did it!

I have been telling Bryan for over a month that the boys need a hair cut and he keeps telling me to buzz them but the last time I did Tate cried because he likes his long hair. So I didn't want the boys going to church yet another week looking so shaggy I decided that I was going to try to cut their hair knowing that if it looks bad it could be buzzed.

Joseph and Jocelyn insisted on being in the pictures. (Sorry mom that I didn't do Joey's hair.... But I didn't do Jocey's either!)


I think I did a pretty good job. Chase could have sat on the stool all day he loves to have his hair played with and done. I buzzed the sides of both boys and used scissors on the top. Tate screamed because he wanted his long hair and I kept telling him that I wasn't going to cut it as short as Chase's but once I turned on the new movie on that Grandma left for Saturdays surprise he at least kinda sat still. Tate was so happy with his hair cut after it was done and saw it after his shower.


I know these aren't great of the kids but you can see their hair cuts!

I couldn't get Tate to look at me for his pictures he was busy watching the new movie!


the ridgeways said...

ok they look so freakin cute it's rediculous!!!!!!!!! i love tates new spiky look! very handsom!! hehe! and the picture of the 3 is sooo cute!!!

Lorie said...

His hair looks good! When I cute the boy's hair it does NOT look that good.

Amy said...

Wow...great job! Tate looks so old! :-)

Mortensen Family said...

That is the first thing I noticed at church yesterday. That's so funny. I looked over at you to say hello, and I noticed Tate's haircut. You did a great job and he looks so handsome! Anyway, how fun you have a blog, and I will add you to my reader =0)