Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Chase!

I can't believe he is 2! He is so much fun and keeps me on my toes. When I went to get the ultra sound to find out if he was going to be a boy or girl we asked Tate what he wanted and he said a car and that is what we got Chase Aiden Rookhuyzen!

This is his first bath and his first time playing with a tire but definitely not his last. In fact he has a Nascar tire in his room.... silly dad thought they would love it and guess what they do!

He loves his Uncle Joseph so much and always has! I can't believe how much Chase and Kooper look alike!

Chase loves to eat cake and yes he always makes this much of a mess when he does!

Jocelyn loves to show him all kinds of new things like snails and ways to get in to trouble.

He needs no help at all to find the peanut butter jar no matter where I find it he can find it ANY where. His skin stays so soft with all the peanut butter he gets into. Some times he takes the time to get a spoon but his hands work just fine too!

He loves to be a big brother and is always trying to help and take care of Kooper.

I am so glad to have his sweet, kind, loving, outrageous spirit in our home!

Oh and my favorite thing he is doing right now is telling every one the dinosaurs are going to eat them.... it cracks me up!

Happy Birthday baby dinosaur!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smiles and bubbles

Are some of the things Kooper is best at. Blowing spit bubbles and having a contagious smile! He is such a sweet heart! He is so happy and is doing great gaining weight now that I am on this diet. He went from the 3% to 25% on his weight in just 2 months. The Dr said that my milk was being so good for him and that I was doing such a good job to go off all animal products because he is doing so good now. I teared up to hear some one tell me that I was doing good that I wasn't a crazy mom that was making some thing out of nothing. I have felt like people have been critical of me and think I am crazy so it was nice to know that I am doing what I knew I needed to be doing. YEAH! Kooper gets to be tested for food allergies some time between 6-9 months. Ok now to the not so hot news. Kooepr has to go and see a eye Dr. Which we figured but when we put him on our insurance we didn't give him eye coverage.... who would have thought he would need it my other kids didn't. SO we are trying to get it added and if we can't we are going to have to just pay for it which only really suck because we are paying for insurance. But such is life:)

I had been asking my mom to take some quick pictures of Kooper she hasn't done any of him since Easter and I was really wanting some new ones. Well I had to take Jocelyn and Joseph to a swimming birthday party and Mom keep my boys for me. It was so nice to talk to other moms with no one pulling on me or having to hold any one. Thank you mom.... But while I was gone she decided to surprise me and do a shoot with Kooper for me. I have the BEST mom in the world! I was so excited to have new pictures and I love them they are so him!!!!

He is such a happy boy he loves to be tickled and played with and sang too... even my singing. He gave up his pacifier about a month ago and since he found his fingers can't get enough! I think it is so much cuter than a pacifier any ways!

This is what he does when he sees you. He has a hard time finding you but when he does his whole body lights up! I love it and I hope that the eye dr. will know what to do for him.
Any one that has seen him knows he always has tons of bubbles. My mom got TONS of great bubble pics I just picked a few pictures to show every one how big our little guy has gotten!

Thank you every one for all your love, support, prayers and for just being the listening ear and shoulder to cry on though all these rough times!