Monday, September 22, 2008

Parent Teacher Confrence

I had Jocelyn's first parent teacher conference today. I love her teacher she is so nice. She went on and on about how much she loves having her and Joey in her class and how well they are together that she doesn't have any problems with them being together. I am so glad to hear that. The only thing she didn't get a "A" or a "O" on was the handwriting but all they were being graded on this time was the way she held the pencil. Which she was doing wrong but her teacher gave me a pencil grip so she can learn to do it the right way. I thought if all she missed was the way she holds her pencil then she is doing awesome. She was also graded on know the names of 6 shapes, she had to count to 30... she can count to 109 with no problem. She had to know the the first 10 phonograms and say them. For those of you who don't know what that is it is the the sounds that each letter make. There are more that one sound for most of the letters. I had know idea that she would have to learn them already but she is picking them up really fast and can tell you what almost any word starts with any more. She also had to recognize 0-10 which she has known for a long time.

Her teacher also said that she loves to see Jocelyn get excited about things that her whole face lights up and her eye just sparkle. Any of you that have seen this know what I am talking about she also said that she loves her eye lashes. I thought it was funny. But sweet.

I was just being so proud of her and wanted to share!


SuperCoolMom said...

It's so great to record the awesome progress she's made and how much her teacher loves her! She's such a sweetie!

Debe said...

Add me to the land of the proud!! I am so proud of her too!! she is such a sweet heart!! She is doing so good in school and is so well behaved on top of it!! Yea princess!!!!

the ridgeways said...

yay for a great parent teacher confrence!!! sounds like she is doing fantastic! i'm so proud of her! i love seeing her get excited about things too! she is like a little ray of sunshine!! =)

amy j. said...

Oh, good old phonograms. I started Franklin in 2nd grade and by then everyone in my class already knew all 60 of them, so I felt dumb whenever we had to say them. Good thing she won't have that problem! That's good that she's doing so well!