Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alot of nothin' goin' on

Ok so we have had a lot and nothing going on lately. Lets start with Kooper. He is growing like a weed. He is getting so big and really packing on the pounds. He seems to be having trouble focusing on you when you talk to him unless you are at about arms leght. I am going to the Dr next Friday and going to talk to him about it. But he is doing really well on the new diet. I am doing better I am finding things I can eat and trying things I thought I would never try... tofu.... still not a fan but it is ok. Kooper is also trying to sit up and is laughing all the time. What a blessing he is!

We went to my Aunt Lala's high school graduation party the other day and Jocelyn got all these fun pictures with Aunt Lala's camera.

Chase was a mess. he peeped out so he was in a diaper and shirt for most of it...uggg. He has so much fun. When I told him we are going to Grandpa's and Grandma Bethsy's he said Bethsy and Wawa? I thought it was so cute.

The kids all think their cousin Alana is a jungle gym and she always gets a really good work out when they are around.
Tate is now 100% potty trained...YEAH!!!! He has pink eye right now and trying to keep him away from Kooper is like trying to keep Chase out of the peanut butter... it is just not going to happen. Tate is a very good helper but some times loves Kooper to much. So when I told Tate he had pink eye he told me "no mom my eyes are blue and green" He is so cute.

Jocelyn and her Paapa. AAAHHHH. I love this picture of them! Jocleyn has had a rough week. School got out and now she is stuck with me every day poor Jocey. She had a infected cavity last Friday and it got so bad I had to find a dentist to take her to on Saturday and she got on some antibiotics and now is feeling much better but will go she a kid dentist on Monday.

Bryan went to Torrey Pines is San Diego for his birthday with our brother in law David. They had a great time. Bryan is just working like crazy and now with the heat he is working even later than before. But if you need wheels or tires go see him he will give you the friend/family discount!
I am working really hard at eating all the right things for Kooper and it is hard and emotionally draining but I am figuring it all out and even found a good vegan restaurant and the best part is they have soy ice cream and chocolate chip cookies! I have lost another pant size and a few more pounds. I just need to finish toning up my tummy and I will be able to go down one more size and be in a size 8!!! I can't wait!


the ridgeways said...

wwww i love all the new pictures!! so cute! and i love the new page it's so you!!!! noah got very excited to see koopers picture and i said "is that baby kooper?" and he said "kooper" so that was really cute! and then i showed him chase and he called him baby.. but don't worry he calls pics of him self baby too!.. any way.. cute cute!!

Amy said...

Love you new background...super cute!

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