Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok so I got the call we had been waiting for. Kooper doesn't have the glutaric acidemia. YEAH!!!! He how ever still can not tolerate any meat or dairy at all. I don't know why but the Dr said that he is to young to do a food allergy test on and that we could put him on a costly formula if I didn't want to be on the diet. Well I have decided that I would eat the diet he needs. He is worth it to me. I am eating a pretty vegan diet right now so if any one has ideas for recipes I am open to try just about any thing. Thank you for all your love, support and prays.

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Alisa said...

What a relief! I had no idea anything was going on! That would be hard to change your diet so drastically. What a good momma you are to do that for your baby. Good luck! I have a few good vegan recipes I like.. I will send them your way :)