Monday, October 27, 2008

Finaly over

I am so grateful that yesterday is finally over! Every thing went really well. Most of the kids had their parts memorized. And most of them didn't need any or very little help. Their were a few that I know that the whole thing memorized that needed help with all the people there not to mention ALL the extra people that came. It was wonderful! I knew it would be but you still have to wonder when the practices went as badly as they did.

Jocelyn had a talk and had it memorized but still needed a few one word promptings and Joseph Had his part memorized and then had a violin solo and played it really good. He play I am a Child of God and every one was impressed. On the Friday practice the only time all the kids were actually quite was while Joseph played his song. I am so proud of both of them. Their school teacher came to see Joseph come and play his solo and while she was there realized that she knew Brent. What a small world. They use to be in the same ward. The kids were so excited she came and are making thank you cards for her.

So after the program I had to go and do sharing time. I asked to switch with one of the other ladies because last year I had to do the whole month of October for the program and then I had sharing time for November. I had the music person do a whole Sunday of primary music so I did a whole Sunday of sharing time. I was so afraid that I was not going to have enough things to do but I ran out of time for both Jr. and Sr. But the kids were all very excited to not have to sing more than a song or two.

AAAAHHHHHH now off to the next big thing. I am giving one of my best friends a Baby shower on Nov. 8th which is the same day as my kids fall festival at school. I signed up to take baked goods to be sold. And them after I make it though that I am sure I have a billion things to get done you know like Christmas.... and I asked to have Bryan's families Christmas dinner at my house so I don't have to do as much driving this year. All of my family is with in about 5 miles or so. And we try really hard to see every one on both sides on Christmas. But I will leave all the Christmas stuff for another post:)


Amy said...

I'm glad the primary program went so well! I was thinking about you yesterday hoping it wouldn't be too crazy!

Debe said...

the primary program was awesome!! You did a great job! Jocelyn did a great job! Joseph did a great job!!

the ridgeways said...

wow.. i am so glad you are done with all of that! i have no clue how you did it! but it sounds like it went fantastic!! now you get to breath a little.... right??