Thursday, October 9, 2008

Moving like Crazy

Tuesday morning the baby boy was moving around in my belly like crazy so I had Jocelyn come over and I put her hand on my tummy and she got to feel the baby move. She is so cute she was so excited that she had to call Joseph and Mam-maw as soon as he stopped moving around. She felt him 3 times. Now all the kids want to feel the baby move and are always trying to touch my tummy. At least I know them and can tell them no or not right now. I hate when strangers try to touch you. Not that it has happened yet but soon enough I am sure.


Debe said...

she is so sweet!! I am glad she got to feel him move!

Lorie said...

She is so cute! On Sunday I saw her go up to two people and tell them that she liked their dresses! She is a sweety!