Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I hate being sick

So I have the worst head cold. My head is throbbing, I can't breath out my nose, my ears hurt, my throat kills, and to top it all off I have started coughing....... AAAARRRGGGG..... I HATE being sick. And what really sucks is that I can only take a few different things to help feel better and they aren't working..... I think I need a good nap! But I am just glad that none of the kids have it or at least yet. I hate having to take care of people that are sick when I am too!


Anonymous said...

You know, it might be allergies. I've got all the same stuff your talking about but I know it's my allergies. The wind has been so bad the last few days it's really kicked up some stuff. That would explain why your kids don't have it and why cold stuff isn't working. Something to think about.

the ridgeways said...

i'm sorry you're sick mama! we're sick over here too =( i'm glad no one other than you is sick though.. that's the last thing you need when your head feels like it's going to fall off and eat its self!