Monday, October 20, 2008


It is that time of year again....primary program. I have always enjoyed the primary program from my pew seat. This is my second year of being in charge of it..... nothing to make you feel way to young to have an adult calling than being in charge of a primary program. I know that I am 25 and that I am a adult but I still feel to young for this calling from time to time. I am learning tons and LOVE being in our wards Primary Presidency and LOVE the kids and women I work with! But after our first practice yesterday I am a little nervous about how it is going to go next week. I know the kids will do their very best when the time comes but after going home so frazzled yesterday I will just be glad when next Sunday is over.

I really appreciate all the teachers that come every week and for all the help they were yesterday during the craziness. I appreciate our Chorister for teaching and leading all of our music that is now small job either. I also appreciate all the parents that worked so hard with their children to have their talks ready and had their parts memorized! What a huge difference it makes when the kids were ready instead of me feeding them the lines. I know Heavenly Father always blesses the little ones and the program goes great every year.

We have one more practice on Friday and I am praying that it goes better.


Debe said...

It will be wonderful when the real day is here

SuperCoolMom said...

It will be great, but even if it doesn't go perfectly, it's always the best Sunday of the year! Those kids can't fail!