Thursday, October 30, 2008


This picture always makes me smile. Well I guess not always. The day it happened I was one grumpy mommy.It happened a few months ago but I recently saw the picture again and wanted to share it! The kids had been really quite. Which for every one that knows my kids is not normal. And to top it off Joseph was here too. Well I went in to check to see why so quite and Tate and Joseph were sitting with Chase who had the peanut butter jar eating it by the fist full. Both fists. When I ask them why they didn't tell me Joseph said that he didn't know hat Chase had it. I was a very grumpy mommy but still kept my cool enough to take a few pictures since I knew I would look back and laugh later.


Salsa Mama said...

That is HILARIOUS! Great photo!!

the ridgeways said...

i still love this picture! he looks so happy in it.. i think that's why it's so funny!