Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She is growing up!

Jocelyn lost her first tooth on Saturday I have just not been feeling well enough to get a picture and to post it so here it is. I actually pulled it out it was barely hanging on so be for she went to her fall festival with Mam-maw I pulled it she was so excited and for the tooth fairy to come visit her. She got a $1 for her tooth and dad took her to the dollar store to get something with it. I can't believe it. And the one next to it is going to be coming out any time now. I love toothless smiles! I know these aren't the best pictures but they are better than none! And to top it off Joseph now has his first loose tooth! They are so excited for each other!!


Lorie said...

Yeah for her! It is all down hill from here! Before you know it she will be married!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Lorie just what I needed to hear:) I know I can't belive how fast she is growing up.