Friday, November 7, 2008

Quick update

I have gone back to the chiropractor 2 more times this week and I asked to see the other Dr. since I din't care for the one that I saw Monday. He said she should not have adjusted my pubic bone. But he has been adjusing me and It has really helped. I can walk better still not good but better that the shuffle I was doing. I don't have as much pain even though it hasn't gone away it is not tolerable which is what the goal was. I am so grateful that this is helping. The Dr. said that I have to remember that I still have SPD and that I still have to do all the things that I have been told or it will get worse again so I am trying really hard to do good but it is hard and I can't do any one thing very long that even means laying down.... arrrrgggg.... but I don't cry every time I get up:) Me and Bryan have already learned allot from all of this and my Mom has been a huge help with the kids and getting me to where I need to go since I get to tired to drive if we are out very long. But for now I am doing better I hope this lasts for a while!


Laci and Dan Omerza said...

Glad to hear you are doing a little better. Keep your head up! You are one amazing mommy!

KaraLyn said...

That is no fun to be hurting during pregnancy! I'm glad it is getting a little better. I always have problems w/ my sciatic nerve... not as painful as what you are dealing with, but still annoying enough to feel a small bit of your pain! Good job going to the chiropracter, it always helps to get adjusted! Good luck and sorry about the heels... but you'll be back in them soon enough!