Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jocelyn's 1st

Jocelyn was eating a piece of candy last night and she says "mom I found my first loose tooth" I wasn't sure that she knew what she was talking about but I told her to come and see me so I could check it out. Well guess what it is loose and very loose at that! So because it was date night we went to my mom's to drop off the kids and grandma asked which one it was I assumed she would know the one that was leaning forward... but then she goes did you know she has TWO loose teeth!!?? I didn't I had only felt the one she said was loose.... so now she has 2 loose teeth pretty soon she is going to be my tooth-less beauty! In case you care it is the two middle bottom ones.


Amy said...

OH! That is so cute. I told David that this is when they start falling out but he didn't believe me..he said it was 7 or 8 that it starts to happen.

The Hallidays said...

Hey girl! I have been looking at your blog off and on for a while, (Found it through Sally's) and thought it was about time I said Hi!

You look super cute in that pregger picture and your kids are getting so big. Crazy how time has flown by.

Sorry to hear about your SPD, I had a very mild case with Caleb (postpartum) so I feel your pain. It stinks huh? Take care of yourself. Love ya!