Sunday, November 16, 2008

So happy to be alive

I woke up this morning in as much pain as I went to bed with normally it isn't quite as bad in the morning as it is at night. Any how I woke up so happy this morning I am not a morning person so anyone who has ever been around me int he morning will understand how weird that is for me. But all I could think about was how luck I was to be alive. I think the small things in live are what keep me going.

Yesterday Jocelyn clean her room with out being asked and did a really good job. I had told her the night before that I couldn't come in and tuck her in to bed and kiss her goodnight in her bed because I can't step over all the things on the floor. So she cleaned her room so I could tuck her in to bed. It really meant allot to me.

Tate has been so cuddly lately he use to be all the time but now he is only some times. But he will just climb up and sit with me at least a few times a day now. I love the the cuddles from him.

Chase has been giving kisses like crazy. They are wet and sticky and some times gross but he always knows when I am really needing a kiss. He also has been helping Jocelyn clean up. He love to clean the living room with her. He calls it WOO-WHO-ING since we always say WOO-WHO when he puts things away where they go.

My mom has been helping a ton with kids and driving and has even started cooking again to help us out she cooks 2 nights a week for me so that it isn't so much for me and Bryan to do. I can't stand up real long at one time so I am can't cook allot of things any more. I sure do appreciate all her help.

My wonderful husband has really stepped up. I didn't know that he was could handle and do so many things. I am love him to death and every time I don't think I could love him any more he does something and I fall even more in love. He now does all the dishes and laundry and is cooking at least 2 nights a week. He is so much more help with the kids and is so kind and loving with me. He is also more understanding that he has ever been before about the pain and all the things that I can't do. He is always reminding me that I have to take it easy so I don't over do it since I push my self to much. I am having a hard time not being able to shop as much. I love him and am so lucky to have such a great guy!

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I have in my life that are so supportive to me and my family. I am so happy to be alive and spend every day with my kids and watch our family learn and grow stronger together. As painful as this is I am gratefully for all the things that I have learned from having it and the love that is growing because of it!


Alisa said...

Jocelyn is so cute! Today at church I asked her how her mommy was feeling (before I saw you) and she told me "She isnt feeling very good." So I asked her if she has been helping her mommy and she said "yes I help a lot and I clean my room for her" It made me smile!

Laci and Dan Omerza said...

Aww... I'm so happy you are getting so much help, I was worrying about you. I wish we lived closer, then we could get to know each other... and I could help. ;) I hope you feel better soon!