Saturday, March 21, 2009

Always something new!

One of the many great things in my life is the fact that there is NEVER a dull moment.... I mean NEVER! The kids are busy being kids.

Kooper has started rolling over. I know what you are all thinking wow already. He rolled the first time at 5 weeks and 4 days old. What the freak are my boys trying to prove? Ok I get it they hit the ground running. I am afraid the next one may just walk out of me. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about Chase was crawling, hands and knees crawling, by 6 months and Tate was at 4 months. Kooper is already holding his head really well too. I can't believe how well he holds his head. I guess Heavenly Father wanted him to have a fighting chance in our house so he made him small but mighty! Kooper also is now in newborn size clothes! yeah no more preemie clothes! Most of the newborn are still to big but the preemie ones are way to small.

Chase has just started sleeping in a big boy bed. He gets Tates old car bed. He spends most of the night on the floor but he is out growing the pack n play so it was time. He has been getting into EVERYTHING! The stools at my house spend most of the time upside down so he can't climb on to the counters. But he has found he can use so many things as a step stool.

Tate is back to his normal running, jumping, climbing, sister bugging self. I am so glad that it turned out just to be a cold in his muscles. We were really worried. He is doing so much better with his speech. Others may not notice it yet but we do. He spends most of his days being told to leave Kooper alone he loves him to much most days.

Jocelyn is so excited to be going back to school on Mon. and even more excited for daddy to be going to the zoo with her class this week. Her and Joseph have turned my living room in to a Art Museum. They set up a table and chairs as the studio and then hang all there pieces of art work all over the living room. I think it is great that they are so creative. I have also found the best thing in the WHOLE WORLD for Jocelyn it is color wonders things. NO more paint on the walls or markers on her skin. I just wish they were cheaper!

Bryan has been playing Mr Mom lately since I have been so sick. And he is so glad to have to go back to work. I love it when he does because it reminds him how I "do" work. He was also selected to be on a jury and luckily he only has to do it for a few days. He said it is really hard to sit there as long as he has too. He has trouble sitting though church I can't imagine him sitting for longer than that.

I have been busy taking care of every one. I gave hair cuts today and my hair cuts are getting better still not perfect but better than they were. I have been trying to get the house in some kind of order. I am going to slowly but surly get it in order. I have also been working on losing weight. I am hoping to lose about 15 pounds over the next few months. I am only a few pounds from my lowest be for I started gaining while I was pregnant which was lower than before I got pregnant this time. The Wii fit has been a huge blessing for me in working out.

I am sorry there is no pictures but mom will be doing some for me this week. SO keeping checking for those!


Amy said...

I'm so glad Tate is ok, we were worried too! It's hard to be sick all the time. Emma has been sick off and on all week and we're both tired of it.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Wow! You really have your hands full! Glad you're feeling well and keeping up with everyone!