Thursday, March 26, 2009

7 weeks

He is such a sweet little guy. He just does not like to be naked and he has a super gassy tummy. He loves to hold hands when he is nursing.

He was being really fussy but I still wanted to get a few pictures of him since it has been awhile. I just wish I would have put on make up so I looked better.
I had my mom get this bunny hat for him but it is now getting to small. I guess we will have to do all our Easter pics this week!

Chase wanted to hug us the entire time we were doing pictures so he got to while Kooper ate.

I love this Easter basket. If only he would have been happy or asleep.
Jocelyn even tried to calm him down. It didn't work either.

Thank you mom for doing the pictures. And sorry it was so much work. Hopefully we can try again on Friday!


Salsa Mama said...

Good thing you look gorgeous even without makeup! That's the beauty of black and white, baby! :) I LOVE the way he is looking at you. Like, "Help! Feed me!" or something. It's so cute.

shelly said...

he's so cute Lindsay! Your mom does such a great job!