Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kooper's birth story

Ok so I thought that it was time that I shared our whole story of why Kooper came so early and the long story of what happened. I will try to make it as short as possible it was a 36 hour journey. Sorry this is so long but I am long winded... Like my mamma!

Monday Feb. 2nd 2008

10am Mom drove me to my 35 week appointment since Kooper had dropped the Friday before and I could no longer lift my feet there was no way I could drive... and I had been having high blood pressure head aches. Bryan had to work so we had all the kids but Tate who was at school so mom stayed in the car with the kids while I ran in my appointments never take more than a few minutes. Well they took my blood pressure and I told the nurse that it had been high all weekend and that I was kinda concerned and she acted like it was no big deal and asked me to pee in the cup which normally I go on my way out which I thought was weird but didn't think much of it but later made since because what she didn't tell me was my blood pressure was scary high. Well the Dr came in and did my Strep B test and checked to see if I had started dilating yet... and as he was checking he said "Oh good" I thought that was weird so I questioned it and he said I was dilated to a 2-3 and 70% effaced and then he told me that we were going to be having the baby that night or tomorrow... I was in shock. He said that I need to go to the hospital because my blood pressure was high and I had started spilling protein in to my urine.... I was preaclamtic. I asked if I could get the kids off to school and get Tate off the bus and find a sitter and go pack a bad and get the car seat ready. I wasn't ready to go.He told me no some one else would have to do all of that for me and then he showed me how high my blood pressure was it was 160/106 and that is really high for me. So I called Bryan to see if he could find some one to cover his store since his boss was still out of town because he had gone to the Super Bowl. So we went straight to the hospital and Bryan, his Mom and my Grandpa's wife all came down to split up the kids and take care of things.

So I went to in to be checked out and to have labs drawn. Then the Dr came over at lunch to let me know what the game plan was and while he was I asked if he would help Bryan give me a blessing since I was so freaked out.

1:20pm I was moved over to Labor and Delivery and hooked up to and IV.

2:15pm they started my Potosin and nothing really changed.

10pm the Dr decided to turn off the potosin and told me to eat, since all I had eaten all day was a small bowl of cereal at 9am, I took a shower and got a little sleep.

Tuesday Feb. 3rd 2008

At 5am they started the Potosine back up and we were just hoping that things would start working. I was just miserable.

12:30pm they Dr came and broke my water and I had moved to a 3+ and was now 80% effaced.
2:45pm I decided I didn't want to feel the contractions any more since they are getting really strong since my water got broke and I got my epidural. Then I was able to get some rest.
Bryan took lots of naps and Mom took lots of pictures. They stayed with me the whole time. I really appreciated that.

6pm-ish My Father in law and Bryan's little Brother Adam brought the kids down to us since I hadn't seen them since 10:30 the day before and poor Tate had no Idea what was going on since he was at school but was happy to be with Grandma Rookhuyzen.
We all made guesses of when he would come and how much he would weigh. Adam who is 15 guessed that he would be like 48 pounds. I told him that I wasn't having a baby hippo and that Jocelyn didn't even weigh that much. We all laughed really hard so he changed his guess to like 5 pounds 42 ounces and we all got another good laugh!
Mom was won for she was 15minutes off on time and Ashly was 1 oz off on his weight.

While the kids were there they loved my glowing finger.

Chase enjoyed watching TV.
Jocelyn was so happy to see me. But not as Happy as I was to see them. I really needed that I felt so much better after they were there.
8pm the Nurse checked me again and I was only to a 4 and 80% I was getting so frustrated. I was so done and ready for Kooper just to be here. But when the nurse checked me she felt to see how Kooper was faced since the potosine was turned really high and it wasn't doing any thing. She decided he was turned funny and so she turned me to see if that would help and guess what.... It did!
9:20 pm I had Bryan started telling me when I was having contractions because I could feel them but not. But I was starting to feel allot of pressure with the contractions. So we called the nurse to come check me. She came and and checked and I was 8-9 and 95% effaced. YEAH!! The Dr had just told her to turn the potosine off again for a bit but she went and called him and told him that she wasn't that he needed to come down now. He said that his family had just kneeled for family prayer and he got up and left before prayer he didn't want to miss it. The nurse decided to turn the potosine off since the Dr wasn't there and i was feeling him move down and I was started to feel the urge to push. But My contraction stoped after the Dr got there and we started pushing so they had to turn it back on.
10:15pm Kooper Benjamin Rookhuyzen was born. 5 pounds 9 ounces and 18 inches long. We were so grateful that he was breathing all on this own with no problems. The Dr and Nurses had told us there was a really good chance he would have to be taken out right away to give him oxygen but after such a long labor they told me that was the best thing we could have done for the baby it helped his lungs developed. Heavenly Father gives equal blessing for our trials. And what a huge blessing for a huge trial. I defiantly felt blessed.
All in all every thing went smooth for him being born at 35 weeks and we only had to say in the hospital for 36 hours after he was born. I was so glad to go home and be in my own bed after being in the hospital for 4 days and the kids were happy to finally have me home.

I am so grateful to EVERY ONE who helped Mom, Bryan's Mom, Dad and sister, Grandma Bethsy and any one else I may have missed. I am thankful all the yummy meals that were we got and all the prayers. I know that Heavenly Father was really watching over us though all this I just hope that I learned every thing I needed to this pregnancy and delivery so the next one I wont have the same trials since the whole pregnancy was a trial but what a great blessing I was given in return. He has such a sweet spirit and fits so perfectly into our home.


Debe said...

he fits perfectly in my arms too!!!!!!!! I am so glad everything turned out so well!! I love you!!!

Melanie W. said...

Thanks for sharing! Did you develop preeclampsia with any of your other kids? Don't you love how dr.'s aren't always straight forward with their they didn't tell you what was going on right away at your appt, they waited until after they said you were being induced to tell you why and that your BP was sky high. (guess it's a pet peeve of mine) :) But glad all went well, even though it was long. It sounds like you had a great dr. if he helped give you a blessing and skipped family prayer to rush to your delivery!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing people's birth stories. The part you need to blog about next is the being able to walk again!