Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mom had me and the kids go down to the temple to just play and take a few pictures. These are some of my favorite ones. This first one is my FAVORITE one of the day! I love it! Jocelyn loves to hug on Cooper or is it going to be Kooper. I think I want to spell it with a K but Bryan is not so sure about it. What do you think?

This is a typical snapshot in our little world. Me talking to one while another is trying to get my attention and one not listening and trying to get in to some thing while I am not looking. Chase was trying to get away to go run again! I think the picture says it all. I don't know what I am going to do with one more. I am really starting to worry about having 4.

Chase was so excited about seeing Jesus and in another picture Tate was counting Jesus's toes and was excited that he had the same number as Jesus. The small joys in life that make me so grateful that I am MOM! There is no greater job in the whole world it is all that I have ever wanted to do. In school they would ask what we wanted to be when we grew up and I always said a mom and my teachers always told me that wasn't a real job. My be it was because they had never done it and I think it is harder than most any other job out there. No calling out sick no days off and the 24 hour a day thing some times gets to me but the hugs and kisses and I love you's get me though! I just wish there wasn't so many messes and poopy diapers to go along with it all.

I love the sweet way the kids are looking at Jesus. I think I am going to have this one printed and hang it on the wall. I love it!

So as I am starting to panic that we are really having another one and besides there is things I need to still buy be for the baby gets here in the the next 6 weeks and all the baby stuff that needs to pulled out of boxes and the bassinet and swing need to be set up. I am getting excited to have a new wonderful spirit to fill our home. The kids are so excited to have another brother I know that they are going to be great and love him so much! Bryan is ever getting excited this time around. I can't wait to see what this new baby is going to be like since the other 3 not only don't look alike but are so different.... I am ready for this adventure..... or at least I think I am!


Amy said...

Oh I love the picture of you and Jocelyn. When are we going to see some belly pics? I think I like Cooper with a C better, but both are cute.

Debe said...

I love Kooper... it is so YOU!

You are such a wonderful person and a fantastic mom... You will do great with 4 (or 5 if you count your little brother)

got belly pictures? come get some today!

Kirsi Anne said...

my personal opinion is the K for kooper!!! I love the pictures!!!!

amy j. said...

How do you have such cute blog backgrounds? I LOVE it. Those pictures are so cute! & I think Kooper would be an awesome way to spell it. I'm all about uniqueness!